This month in the garden

Every now and than we shoot in the garden; not with a shotgun but with a digital camera. Here 5 pics; one shows a part of the garden (totalling 11,000sqm and over 2500 different succulent plants outdoor); one showing an elephants foot (Dioscera elephantipes); one with a fruiting Pilosocereus lanuginosus; the fourth is a Adenium arabicum with flowers AND seedpods and the last is an overview of our retail nursery. It’s not all succulent here in The Green Cathedral of South Africa but that’s for you to find out; preferable on the spot where you can feel, touch, smell, hear and see.


Another (global) garden forum

Previously we wrote something about the South African Garden Forum. Not that we are ‘going strong’ in only that forum; there is another Garden Forum with members from all over the globe. Yesterday we published a few photos and look to the comments!!!

OK, we are proud of our garden but the real reason we provide the readers of this blog (all succulent plant lovers we assume) to these forums is that these consist of submissions of people who are all dedicated and passionate about their plants and they exchange knowledge freely. Worthwhile to bookmark the home pages of these forums.

The South African Garden Forum

The group of succulent plant lovers in South Africa is, as everywhere around the globe, a small bunch of dedicated people. They have their own share in the Garden Forum.

This morning we published five photo’s of flowering succulent plants which were taken this morning (hundreds of different succulent plants flowering in our garden in this South African Winter, by the way).

No fertilisers, no hormones, no chemicals; just Nature with a friendly caring human touch.

We love it.

P.S. In the South African Garden Forum (general section Aloes and Succulents) you’ll not only find more of our contributions but also those from others.