Soekershof is not your usual garden.

It’s a huge succulent garden and the original breeding place of the South African cactus trade. The founder of Soekershof (Seekers Garden) is amateur botanist Marthinus Malherbe (1885-1976) who started over 100 yrs ago with the exchange of seeds of South African succulent plants with those from the Americas. After his dead this historical garden was neglected for 24 years. Between April 2000 and June 2011 Dutch owners restored and extended this garden with a collection of over 2500 different succulent plants from around the globe and got international recognition for that from botanists/horticulturists of name and fame from around the globe (except South Africa).

Since June 2011 the Dutch couple (Herman and Yvonne) are living in Napier and have a private garden with a few hundred rare succulent plants. The ownership of Soekershof (nowadays Mo & Rose at Soekershof) went to an Italian/German couple that extended the existing business with a restaurant and accommodation.

In this blog, created by Herman and Yvonne, readers will find brief descriptions about and links to Internet sites with a more (popular) scientific content including those about propagation and cultivation. Since the sale of Soekershof no new contributions are added but it still fulfills a global demand for gardeners who need guidelines for the cultivation of succulent plants.

More about Herman and Yvonne click here and there. The Green Cathedral of South Africa also has an own Facebook page.