Adenia fruticosa

Adenia fruticosa:

Most beautiful in Winter because the impressive caudex is uncovered by leaves of this Southern African caudiciform with a diametre of up to 35 cm. Locally it is also named ‘Bobbejaansgif’ (Afrikaans for baboon’s poison) for its high content of toxic sap (cyanogenic compounds). The genius Adenia (21 species) belongs to the family of the Passifloraceae. The specie A. fruticosa was first described in 1926 by Joseph Burtt Davy. The Adenias fruticosa and glauca are the best known species and grown relatively easy provided the right environment. It’s also suitable for cultivation in a container and is drougth tolerant but likes some extra water in Summer when in leaf. Hardiness: Zone 10a to 11 with minimum temperatur of minus 1 degree Celcius (30F). Well drained gritty loamy soil. Do not fertilise!!! The plant in the picture is grown from seed (2004) and resisted this year 5 months of no rainfall here at The Green Cathedral of South Africa.