About Mazes and (cactus-) Labyrinths

 Publishing House Harpers (USA) has published a new book about mazes and labyrinths

Mazes around the world” is written by Mary D. Lankford (illustrations: Karen Dugan) and designated for educational purposes.

And you can order the book here.

The author is from Austin, Texas and our first contact dates back a few years. Two of the thirtytwo pages are dedicated to the Klaas Voogds Maze of Soekershof in Robertson, Western Cape, South Africa where at the moment strange things are happening.
Mary D. Lankford is also engaged in a future publication about umbrellas. And guess what: The Soekershof Maze Umbrellas will be in it.

No ‘copycat stuff’ but original design as is everything we try to initiate.