Painting with plants

For people with not enough space (flats with balconies, etc.) but who love (succulent) plants there is a simple solution. Hanging baskets (for sale in any nursery where-ever) or plant hangers. We prefer plant hangers for the simple reason that ceilings in modern building are low and bumping your head into baskets all the time is not always pleasant (for both; humans and plants). A year ago we developed our plant hangers which are made locally and we sell them in relativily large quantities (10 to 20 per interested customer). You can hang them on a wall and play with it; ‘painting with plants’ we call it. Just exchange the hangers with the different plants until a ‘new’ painting is created.

Soekershof plant hangers with pot diameters of 12 and 15 centimetersPlant hangers are also ideal for people in a climate which is not always suitable for having succulent plants in the garden. That’s also the reason we are selling quite a few to customers in the Cape Town areas where the majority of succulent plants suffer (or die) during the wet season.

Co-incidentally our hangers are nominated for the prestigious Dutch Toon van Tuijl Design Award. We don’t expect to win this award (19 October is the date of the official announcement) but the result is that the hangers and other products (such as our seed boxes) are in the international picture and that there is a (Fair Trade related) interest in selling them online.


painting with plants