A classical French design succulent garden

We are proud to have hosted Eulalie Baudet from Blois in France for a couple of months. She studies landscaping at ‘L’ecole nationale supérieure de la nature et du paysage’. This study (only for promising and very talented students from all over France) is a very extensive one and it takes at least five years to complete including practicals around the globe. Eulalie is a second year student (her father being one of the top landscapers in Bretagne) and she is extremely entrepreneurial and creative. In the past few months she designed and implemented some aesthetical improvements at the entrance and along the road and designed and created a classical French garden with, very unusual, succulent plants.  For now the design. It’s a fully symmetrical garden and in the future when the hedge shrubs around it are more mature it will be a real resting point where one can sit and wonder all day.