Australian Succulent Plants

Attila Kapitany created a little masterpiece we should like to promote. “Australian Succulent Plants; an introduction” is a book which gets you acqainted with Australian succulent plants. There are some beauties amongst them. The book is high quality print and the photographs are excellent. Some succulents look very much alike their  family members from Southern Africa and many others are absolutely different from plants anywhere else in the world. The book can be ordered directly. E-mail to gecko -at-

Attila packed and posted ours very neatly and knowing how rough the SA-postboys sometimes handle their ‘stuff’; we received the package without any damage. Even the packaging material was undamaged …..

ISBN 0 646 46 381 0

We are not going into detail; see for yourself. Except this: the book is a must for every succulent lover. 

Within a year or so we hope to introduce, very small scale, an addition to the few Australian succulents we already have in our gardens.