Winter tip succulent gardens

Many South Africans assume that a waterwise garden means a “low maintenance garden”.

In our daily practice at Soekershof Walkabout we regulary have discussions with nursery customers about the importance of maintenance. Weeding and ‘communicating’ with plants is an ongoing process; especially in the Winter rainfall area as the Western Cape. Last weekend we had some showers and the weather forecasting shows us raising temperatures for the next days. For our gardeners the sign to aerate the soil around the succulents with a cultivator. This let the moisture evaporate faster and keeps the neck (neckrot) dry. Another good reason to do so is that with the next rainfall the surplus of water will drain away easier. While cultivating they always feel the neck just under the surface just to make sure that these are still fleshy and not soft. Cultivating and weeding go hand in hand. Partly cultivating is weed prevention because the soil dries out faster and weed seeds generally don’t germinate in dry soil.