For once and for all

Not very ‘scientific’ this time.

Just the notification that we just opened a new blogsite: Soekershof; the funny side.

It shows that gardening does not (always) have to be serious. Soekershof Walkabout has a concept which thrives on thoughts, local folkore and jokes. We very much value the personal interaction between ourselves and our guests; partly very serious about things as ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘when’, etc., and partly the ‘lighter stuff of Life’.

This site contains ‘popular scientific’ content. In our own area, strange enough, Soekershof Walkabout is known for it’s giant hedge-maze in which visitors can walk from one amusing story to the other; visualised with objects towering above the hedges as orientating points.

Next to this (serious) blog, the general website and the new blog there is also a blog about the latest developments in and around Soekershof.

And of course: you may bookmark them all!