A few links

Today is ‘link day’.

There is a wide variety of succulent related websites on the Internet. Herewith a selection of some sites with relevance for South Africa.

The global main source for succulents is the Cactus Mall. Here you can find virtually every garden, nursery (etc.) of importance.

Than there is a Cactus and Succulent site and not to forget the site of the Cactus Museum. The Dutch have their own Succulenta with, amongst others, links to specialist nurseries and private collections. In South Africa there is also a less active succulent society with an own website which, by the way, is (too much?) related to one specific nursery in Gauteng.

Desert Tropicals of Philippe Faucon in Arizona (USA) contains an extensive plantlist with photo’s and brief descriptions (climate zones, cultivation, country of origine, etc.). Very worthwhile to bookmark.

For Caudiciforms from around the world there is a great website of a collector/hobbyist in Copenhagen. Bihrmann travels around the world and before any collection, garden or nursery is mentioned in his list he will have to approve it first on the spot.

In nearby McGregor one can admire the succulent collection of Andrew van Ginkel. Except for one he has all (approx. 2000) different lithop-species in his collection.

Our neighbour SHEILAM (also a nice garden) is a specialist nursery with approx. 2000 different succulent species, mainly under cover. Their core activity is the wholesale and export of seeds next to retail of plants. SHEILAM was founded in 1954 by Marthinus Malherbe and almost all large specimens in their garden are planted in that year. See the Soekershof website for pictures.

The largest succulent nursery in the world is Obesa Nursery in Graaff Reinet in the Eastern Cape. Their garden in the town centre, with a surface which equals the total nursery surface of our neighbours, is absolutely magnificent. Visitors are walking through a forest of cacti and other succulents. Outside town Obesa also has a huge nursery where they mainly grow some succulent species for the global pharmaceutical industry. The ‘hidden’ private collection of father Johan and son Anton Bouwer is stunning. Johan (an attorney by profession) started his succulent hobby in 1965 by buying plants here at Soekershof. We maintain a very good and (succulent related) passionate relationship with the Bouwers. Customers of this nursery can expect proper cultivation advise which, by the way, unfortunately is not always the case at other nurseries.

Other nurseries in South Africa, worthwhile to mention but no websites, are Selecta Succulents in Brackenfell and Grey Heron in Durbanville/Kraaifontein; both near Cape Town.